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Lifetime Mortgage and Equity release consultant

Offering Safe Secure Financially Regulated Products.

Friendly and local, serving the community in Hampshire and Dorset

Safely unlock the money tied up in your home

Take control of you and your family’s financial future now.

Just imagine what you could do with a tax free cash lump sum…

  • Pay off your present mortgage and credit card bills
  • Become debt free
  • Improve your home with a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Help your family financially
  • Book that holiday that you dreamed of

A huge number of older people are now using Equity release and Lifetime Mortgages
to fund their ambitions and goals.

If you become one of them here are the benefits to you.
You would have:

  • A loan that you cannot default on.
  • Has no monthly repayments.
  • Has no affordability or age criteria.
  • That also offers flexibility.
  • That allows you to stay in your home until you or your partner’s death.

Yet another benefit of a Lifetime Mortgage is that they can have a fixed interest rate,so with present house price inflation your home will still be worth substantially more than the loan so will still provide for your family on your death.

If you are over 55 years old and own at least 50% equity in your home you are eligible for a Lifetime mortgage.

Book a free friendly consultation - NO UPFRONT FEES!

If you know someone who can benefit from unlocking the equity tied up in their home, refer them and receive £50!

Subject to a qualifying completed transaction

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