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Equity release and lifetime mortgages

The real problem for the uk is not immigration, but old age.

I’m getting older and I want to lodge a complaint! I never signed up for wrinkled skin and frequent nocturnal trips to the loo!

Should I write to my MP or the council,one of my MEP’s perhaps?

Because the ageing population is a political issue, maybe the most challenging we face as a nation, it has been treated as a hot potato by successive governments.
It is certainly no vote winner when the population is confronted with the hard facts.
The simple truth is the present system is unsustainable.

I truly believe that a future government out of necessity will need to make some hard choices regarding the ‘age timebomb’.

These may take the form of some cap on the amount provided for long term health and residential care for the elderly. Your property could be means tested for state benefits.
This will certainly involve a threat to most people’s largest asset, their home.

Now call me an old sceptic (it’s ok I don’t mind!) but the thought of a hastily cobbled together government policy to sell houses or release the equity, or even to correctly value property, is too terrible to contemplate.

The good news is, you now have a choice to decide what happens to your most valuable asset.

Many older clients who are asset rich but cash poor are now using Equity release and Lifetime mortgages to free up the value in their property for any purpose.

The modern Lifetime mortgage is available to homeowners who own at least 50% equity and are over 55 years old.

They are in effect a loan against your home with no monthly repayments, no chance of default and without any affordability or age criteria.

They should not be confused with some past schemes that required homeowners to sell part of their homes, but guarantee you to stay in you home until you or your partner’s death, or when you require long term care.

As with all mortgages the product choice is varied which is why you need professional independent help.

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